There are choices to be made in life. I could have made this a “History” post, as it occurred last fall, but it happened while driving about. Enjoy the break from what’s left of winter.

Even you are not as pretty as the leaves today.
The dazzling sun is making the colors pop.
The reds, the golds, the yellows,
Blue skies, white clouds, evergreens frame the scene.
A kaleidoscope of fallen leaves spread out in front.
My camera fails to record this properly.
But I see, I remember, I'm overwhelmed.

The day we first met
The sun illuminated your form.
Your laughter echoed through the hills.
Your thoughts flowed with mine.
My feet barely touched the path.
But I saw, I remember, I was overwhelmed.

The story of the leaves does not end.



If you can’t leave, it’s a prison, right?
If you are restrained, constrained, hobbled you aren’t free.
Are you happy being partially free or partially in prison?
Is your prison half-empty or half-full?
Man, I wish I could drive.
As I sit here in my prison chair I look upon a window upon a
window upon life and wonder if it is pretty.

p.s. saw the doctor today; my sentence for stupidity shall be satisfyingly short (all things considered). Foot is doing well.



Today was the big day. I arrived at the surgery center early. They were running late. It’s not like I had anything better to do. The people and place were great.

I don’t like surgeries in general and anesthesia specifically. Nothing has ever gone wrong in the past and I have had a few repairs, but my brain is my best part (in my opinion) and I just don’t like them shutting it down. What if it doesn’t reboot properly? So, I discussed this with the doctors and guess what, they actually listened to me. I was awake for the whole procedure. The anesthesiologist claimed he put some relaxant into the mix, but honestly, I didn’t feel any different. But what he did do was an awesome nerve block on my leg, didn’t feel a thing. I wonder how long that will last?

Recovery time, meaning how long before they take this cast off and I can drive again, as that is my purpose, is estimated at 4 weeks.

I took a few iPhone shots for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

The surgeon handed me an allen wrench afterward, he said in case the screw backed out. No, no, just kidding.