I have been on long enough to recognize most of the faces in my area. I am very interested in finding my next and last life-partner. I haven’t connected yet, so is this a failure? Well, in one regard yes. However, something interesting began happening after I started on-line dating.

Writing poetry. Very unexpected and surprising. Nothing in my past would have suggested this would happen. I am enjoying it so much that I have no regrets about my on-line dating experiences.

Except, I still want a new life-partner. So, what to do?

Having worked the local pool, I could sit around until new hopefuls swim by. That doesn’t sound very proactive. Instead, I have decided to keep looking, elsewhere.

I intend to Airbnb to a new town. Once there I will check out the local folks. I figure it will take me about a month to contact them and be rejected. And then it will be off to the next town. I have a sub-task of working my way over to see my brother’s new place in North Carolina (in about a year).

While in the town, I intend to hunt out local places of interest to either photograph or write about. I also intend to do volunteer work because everyone should give back, if possible.

However, if I ever get so lucky as to really connect with someone, I will stop. I’m not a nomad, a vagabond or a gypsy. I am a bohemian.

Why “Driveabout”? We all have heard of a walkabout in Australia. This is America, we drive.

update 1/2/21
I am no longer on Match as I found what I was looking for and we just got married.  Does this mean the drive is over?  Nope, we have agreed to go visit all of the National Parks together.

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