philosophyon-line dating#8

Being that I don’t look into the future very hard, I didn’t see this coming. But it is here. I am seriously dating another matchhead (light me on fire). Of course I am writing to her, for example #7 was with her. However, this is real time now. I started this blog because I was being asked to share my creations. Fine. But I have no desire to have a reality show. So, I am going to drop the “on-line dating” from my by line and just share my artistry.

Just after I tell you the story of our first meeting.
I dropped her a note in early November, it contained my latest poem. I did this because her profile was outstanding and did include some poetry. I got no response. Then being the guy (persistent, annoying, …) that I am, I dropped another note to her in early February. She replied! Our correspondence started slowly, but grew more interesting. I rarely survive a first date, so given I was really enjoying the writing, it was awhile before we arranged to actually meet. It was set for Thursday. Then I went down to Salt Lake City and broke my foot. Thursday was off. I was a sad puppy (remember, surgery, cast, no driving), which must have gotten through because, against all safety protocols, she agreed to come over to where I was recovering.

So, the day arrived. The hour was near. I went out the front walkway on my crutches. Then my OCD kicked in. Although the snow was gone it had left behind some gravel on the walkway. Wanting to make the best impression I decided that gravel had to go. I tried to kick it away; with one foot; on crutches. It didn’t go so well. I lost my balance. However, being the highly trained, black-sash, kung-fu guy that I am I managed to crash land in the grass beside the walkway. The sun was shining, I was in shorts as that’s all I could get over the cast. I figured I could lay there and get a tan. I could also contemplate my left wrist, was it just tweaked or was it broken? Now was a good time to practice the meditation I was having so much time to improve. And then I hear “Are you all right?”, a new voice with some amount of concern in it. I hadn’t even heard her car pull up, not twenty feet away. Imagine what she was thinking on this first date. Oh look, there’s a guy with a cast on one leg sprawled out asleep (no, I was meditating) on the grass. One crutch underneath, the other over there and his phone on the other side. What could go wrong here?


I saw something today, my foot.

I’m free, sorta!
I now have a walking boot, which I can take off to drive.
But, I can’t take off and drive too far because I have a doctor’s appointment in 3 weeks and stern admonishments from him. He said “Don, I know you can push through pain, but don’t. You have 3 weeks still where you can screw this up, don’t.”
Ok, fine. I’ll continue on as a model patient.


We are at a milestone. As I figure it, I have been writing now for 11 months.
I have written many poems, 3 riddles, 2 country songs and 1 stand-up routine.
I have now shared practically all the poems I have written. I skipped a few that just were not worthy and there is 1 r-rated one that is quite good, but I’m surprised I had the courage to write it. I don’t have the courage to share it. I’ve shared the 2 songs and the stand-up routine just wouldn’t make sense here.
So, with this last “History” post, I will share the 3 riddles.

They come in all sizes and shapes.
They live in the past but are found in the future.
Unwelcome are many, but shaken if gone.
Too many is a number too small for how many to have.

I can keep you alive,
    I can kill you dead.
I can freshen your face,
    I can knock on your head.
I can help darken your world,
    I can help create art.
I can make things end,
    I can make things start.

What is always running out,
     Yet you always get more.
What weighs heavy,
    Yet cannot be stored.
What may be on my side,
    Yet be a friend no more.



There are choices to be made in life. I could have made this a “History” post, as it occurred last fall, but it happened while driving about. Enjoy the break from what’s left of winter.

Even you are not as pretty as the leaves today.
The dazzling sun is making the colors pop.
The reds, the golds, the yellows,
Blue skies, white clouds, evergreens frame the scene.
A kaleidoscope of fallen leaves spread out in front.
My camera fails to record this properly.
But I see, I remember, I'm overwhelmed.

The day we first met
The sun illuminated your form.
Your laughter echoed through the hills.
Your thoughts flowed with mine.
My feet barely touched the path.
But I saw, I remember, I was overwhelmed.

The story of the leaves does not end.



A house gift for friends that put up with me from time to time:

Title: Friendship House
Thank you friend for coming by.
We will never ask you why.
Please don’t even try to hide.
Our door is always open wide.

Think you get the better deal?
Nope, not even how we feel.
We feel quite the best
Providing you a place of rest.

So come, please, let’s celebrate.
As we set out another plate.
Always time we like to spend.
This house is open to you, our friend.

I understand that giving unsolicited advice is not chic. However, what do you do when you have advice for someone and you know it is for their good? I wrote:

How can I tell you a story you don't want to hear?
Or maybe you just aren't properly prepared.
What good would it have done to invent a parachute
Before the plane; before the ability to soar.

It is frustrating to believe in an answer to a
Problem you aren't perceiving.
Do I talk louder or longer?
Do I become your parents?

No, No, No.  No good.
Replacing one problem with another is not progress.
Besides, I could be wrong.  I'm not, but I could be.
And it would be a hollow victory to win the battle
And lose the war.

So, carry on.  I know your life is good.
I know it can be better.
I won't intrude.  I'll be a perfect gentleman.
I'll be tortured.

O, come on, ask.  Please, ask.

I’ll end with some reflection I had one morning while laying in bed.

I feel death is imminent
even though no doctor agrees.
Certainly, you know, no one avoids this fate.
Am I being warned to get my affairs in order?
Am I being warned that my life is headed in the wrong direction?
Am I already dead?
Certainly, I do not understand the world anymore.
And the world is not demanding anything of me.
Or I've gone deaf and blind.
Is this when you are supposed to just let go?
Is this when you are supposed to latch on and get fanatical?
It is cloudy outside.
But it is winter.
Spring will be here soon.
Will I?