Progress is being made on the big adventure, however there is a delay. I can be of value helping my brother move, so I am. Also, I have a Black Belt review coming up at the beginning of March. It is a two day affair. I’m thinking I need to put in some serious preparation time. Good thing I’m retired. Besides working hard I’m going to squeeze in more and longer trips to the studio in Salt Lake City.

Speaking of which, I just ran down there for a couple of days of lessons. I used the opportunity to finally, actually sign up with Airbnb. Then I looked for places. What choices. I chose a place to try to maximize the chance of an adventure, a goat farm. Here are some pictures and the entry I left in the guest book.

If you need an Airbnb stay
And want to mix in some hay.
Then you have to try Jayme’s place
Where she has made you space.
Head out and enjoy the big town
Or just get out and look around.
Hear the grunts, barks, baas and clucks.
The only thing missing are some ducks.
But there is a wildlife area past the rear
Adding up to a stay that is superior.


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