Thank you for joining me on this adventure. This blog is a chronicle of my thoughts and observations during an interesting time period for me.

However, you are going to be an active audience. On the top level, this is a blog of poetry. Much of my poetry (but not all) is deliberately nuanced or ambiguous. You need to supply the path that resonates most. Or find them all. Or find ones I did not intend (and then credit me with genius).

Furthermore, you are going to help supply the material.  I will be sharing. As this blog grows and I journey on, I expect, no I require inspiration.

So, let us jump in and find out how my life turns out.

Well, maybe I should supply a little background.

At the start of this adventure (12/1/17) I’m 62 years old and wanting more. I’ve recovered (sufficiently) from multiple health issues, a staggering partnership implosion and a divorce from a women I had been with for 37 years. Not prime dating material.

I’m 5′ 10″, 163 lbs, blue eyes, gray hair (or what’s left of it).
I’m, as they say on Match.com, spiritual but not religious.
I’ve never smoked and think poorly of anyone who does.
I don’t drink enough and don’t worry about others’ use.
I’m pretty health conscious, trying to eat organic as much as possible.
I use no drugs, legal or otherwise.
I’m divorced with two grown kids in Tucson.
I have an MBA from BYU. A BS in both Math and Computer Science from U of Oregon.
Cats, dogs, fish, turtles, horses have all owned me in the past. Nothing does currently.
I’ve skied since I was 8. Ridden bicycles very long distances. Scuba dived in awful (and good) places. Backpacked a fair amount, including in the winter.
I know a lot and hardly anything.
I’ve given up on politics.
I laugh as hard and as long as possible.
I cry easily watching movies.
I like driving, still using a stick-shift.
But that dancing thing, still eludes me.

update 12/7/19
Proving I can still be influenced, I haven’t cut my hair since the beginning of ’18 and I’m up to 175 lbs. Both of these were mentioned by my girlfriend of the time to be more attractive. I still have the hair and the weight, not the girlfriend.

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