We are at a milestone. As I figure it, I have been writing now for 11 months.
I have written many poems, 3 riddles, 2 country songs and 1 stand-up routine.
I have now shared practically all the poems I have written. I skipped a few that just were not worthy and there is 1 r-rated one that is quite good, but I’m surprised I had the courage to write it. I don’t have the courage to share it. I’ve shared the 2 songs and the stand-up routine just wouldn’t make sense here.
So, with this last “History” post, I will share the 3 riddles.

They come in all sizes and shapes.
They live in the past but are found in the future.
Unwelcome are many, but shaken if gone.
Too many is a number too small for how many to have.

I can keep you alive,
    I can kill you dead.
I can freshen your face,
    I can knock on your head.
I can help darken your world,
    I can help create art.
I can make things end,
    I can make things start.

What is always running out,
     Yet you always get more.
What weighs heavy,
    Yet cannot be stored.
What may be on my side,
    Yet be a friend no more.


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