It has been suggested to me that text messaging is a form of literature that ought to be helped along. I’m somewhat ambivalent on the subject but will submit the next day’s texting between me and Ell as a discussion point.
5/11/17 (I’m the thread on the right)(Ed note: the html is defeating me, sorry.)


They come in all sizes and shapes.
They live in the past but are found in the future.
Unwelcome are many, but shaken if gone.
Too many is a number too small for how many to have.

Hmmmm, reads like an enigma wrapped in a poem. You’ve done it again! (heart)


Hmmmm, they are being formed as we type. Memories.

I love making memories with you.


Bet you’ve never had a woman say that to you. (smily) Or maybe..

I’ve made love and I’ve made memories but usually the narration has been turned off.


But alas you are correct. You make my memories pale to the present.

Well, get ready for an unbroken stream of consciousness, with some comfortable, book-reading silences thrown in for good measure, along with the delightfully therapeutic hair-twirling.


I remember the future you promise. But do I remember fact or fiction?

It’s fiction until we live it into the present. Then? It becomes our story.


And truly should we fear the convergence of past and future? Won’t we explode?

There’s no fear here. Only love. (heart)


And no, you won’t explode.

Ah love will protect us from becoming tomato juice on the walls.


Then count me in.

Now THERE’S a visual I won’t easily forget.


Love is your protection. Your sword and shield held against any enemy. That would make a good epitaph. He made strong memories and tomato juice.

And, as if it couldn’t get any better this morning, it’s raining.



Lover’s explode.


Yes. And Lovers Unite!

Gotta give a shout out to auto-correct there. She almost allowed me to send “Livers unite!” Whew.


I’m fighting my machine. I want to type the word for those who do physics but I can’t get it spelled.

Too early. Too late. Too bad. Don’t hesitate.


And it just keeps coming…like a wave.

Livers unite, right after you suck out my kidneys. You have a gruesome place.


Welcome to my dungeon! Hahahahahaha!!!

I’m afraid, very afraid.


What other Dr. Jekyll do you know who cries?

Ha. You should be. Why do you think I do not fear bringing you straight to my web, er, home?


But I shouldn’t worry, I see crumbs of sugar words leading to your door.


You’re safe with me my pretty…

What could go wrong?


Is that organ music I hear?


No, it’s my maniacal laughter. (scrunch face)

Kidney, liver, organ music, get that?


You don’t have to kill me, I do it to myself.

Hahahahaha! Then make that two of us! (two crying faces)


As in, you kill me too.

How’d we go from love and memories to Hannibal Lechter?


Ok, I think I have enough material to go back to dreaming. Bye Jeanie.

Sleep well. (sleepy face)



Gene’s unite.


Jeans delight



Mother’s fright.

Tight lipped


Handy in a pool.

Or was that randy in a pool?


I hate it when I misplace Randy.

Maybe he’s the handyman.


Screw the handyman. I’m the hero of this memory.

Yes dear. Yes, you are. Red cape and all.


Super. May your Tims be tiny today.

While he violently flails, I mean tiptoes through my tulips?


Nite nite. (sleepy face)

Oh, I’m back to afraid.


“Be not afraid”, said the Angel.

Ukuleles are not the instrument to go to sleep with.


Might as well be playing bagpipes.

At least I didn’t refer to you in the Scrooge sense.


With that part about past, present, and future.

You just can’t put me down, can you?


Yes, you are out witting a not wit.

You are going to make me say it, aren’t you?


I’m laying in bed pretending my head is in your lap and you’re twirling my hair…

“Say what?” she asks shyly.


Lays, you can’t have just one.

My point exactly!


You’re killing me.

“Yahpo, you’re killing me.”


Just remember, I’m your safe place to land when you fall.

Grave diggers unite.


Or is that clam diggers?

No, no clams for me. Mollusk and salt don’t go together.


Bleh. Me either.

And with that pretty face, I must be off.


(sleepy face) Lookit that. Only 90ish minutes have elapsed.

Time for coffee (coffee cup)



Mornin’! Have a thankful Thursday. I am grateful for your sense of humor, your ability to get me to see things from a wildly different perspective and for your poetry. Especially the poetry. (sleepy face) I can’t wait until Saturday. Two more sleeps…


You are welcome, but remember, you created this monster.

I just encouraged the monster. He’s pretty cooperative. (smiley face)


No, no. You are the enabler. I’d still be in some small fishing village, but not for you.

Haha. A topic for tonight. (smiley face)


Remember movie night. I disappear at 5:30.

Ohhh yeah. So we probably won’t talk tonight. I have an appointment at 4:30.


The record is broken. The crowd shakes their head.



Sure, you’ll probably even ask for a refund.

That’s it. I’m NOT letting the record be broken simply because I have an appointment. I’m calling!


Ears perk up. Is the champ moving?

Yep. Expect one from the road at 4:20. (clenchy face)


Breath is drawn in. The crowd quivers with anticipation.

You can be my roadie.


Road kill, you say. Gee I’m flattered.

Be ready, love.

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