I will write a poem to memorialize this snow drive, making it the third in a series. The first is in the first blog entry. Following is the second.

Title: September Snow
Nice try Blow Hard.
I bet you thought, with a few days till Fall
You would catch me unaware.
But it’s not like I didn’t have some warning.
When I got out for gas, my t-shirt
Did nothing to stop your icy fingers
From grabbing my heart.
Not fair, that heart had just been on fire.
New girlfriends do that.
It was pretty clever of you to cover
That “Low Visibility Area” sign
With blowing snow.
And you did pick your spot pretty well.
Brand new road without striping.
Bridges actually freezing before the road.
And I had no studs for defense.
Except, of course, the one behind the wheel.
Did you take it as a defeat
That no crash happened?
Or, is this a cat and mouse game?
Yes, we will meet again.

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