Sorry about #4, I got it fixed.
So, let me race a little. Remember, the first one of a day is sent at 4:06am.

A wink
A nod
A smile
A prod
A breath
A start
A push
A heart
Tenacious grip
Impressive strength
Gathered energy
Elegant movement
Regal bearing


Ell’s childhood nickname is Tiger. The above poem is called an “acrostic”, a poem where the first letter of each lines spell out something. The best one I have ever seen is “Alice’s Poem” by Lewis Carroll.

No P in tree
No P in cave
No P in sea
No P in wave
No P in flee
No P in brave
No P in see
No P in crave
No P this way
No P that way
No P next way
No P sad
However, when dealing with experimental theater,
You always run the risk of bombing.
No nets.
No by gawd, he’s an actor.
He can be anything.
I, however, can only be myself.
Thespians unite.
Did the bubbles bounce beautifully on the breeze?
Time is short.
If the sun is in the sky, I think about you.
If the moon is in the sky, I think about you.
If my head is on a pillow, I think about you.
I must be thinking about you, my heart is pounding.
Treasure (more stanzas need to be added)
It’s everywhere, but usually unseen.
It’s thought heavy, but mostly light.
It’s buried deep, but usually pristine.
It’s well guarded, but quite a sight.
The Face Off
One is radiant, pale in setting, ever changing.
One is radiant, touched by gold ever praising.
One illuminates, looking down, easing paths.
One educates, looking up easing math.
Worship one, arms outstretched, distant fading.
Love one, arms around, close relating.
Ah, patience, that virtue you slay at your own peril
And sleep for some is not sleep for all.
For I must right now and you must not.
Searching around the corner.
Looking up over the hill.
Chasing after the summer.
Find it, I wonder if she will.

Effort should be expended.
Don’t accept going downhill.
Plans should be implemented.
Find it, I wonder if she will.

Understanding within reach.
Exploding with such a thrill.
Incorporate we beseech.
Find it, I wonder if she will.


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