On 5/3/2017, writing to Ell

Go away,
You're bothering me.
How come every day I have to clean up after you?
Night after night.
I have things to do.
Go away.
Really, sleep is not that important.
USA US A US a. They are cheering for you, me and a Canadian.

Did I mention that this is a LDR (long distance relationship).
She had a great profile. We exchanged a few emails and then progressed to texting and phoning. In fact, I have decided to do something “cute”. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person. She is. 4:06am her dog pushes her nose into her face. So I have decided to compose something at the end of my day, type it into my phone, set my alarm for 4:05am, wake up and hit send.
Yes! Scores points.

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