Expanding Horizons#1

With encouragement, I have finished another adventure.
I have written a book!
It is a small book of poems and photos. Most of the poems I have previously posted here. Many of the photos have not been.
It is available on Amazon as an ebook at:  My Book!

And it is free from June 1-June 4.

I hope you enjoy.

I did make a print on demand paperback version, but the photos did not print well enough. I’ll keep working on that and if I succeed, you’ll hear.


There is
No one else holding me in their arms.
                       whispering in my ear.
                        letting me deep inside them.
There is
No one else touching me so.
                      listening so.
                       laughing so.
When I look in your eyes
I'm looking for a reflection.
Not like from a mirror,
But because your love is beaming back.

There is no one else.



Spring erupting,
Fueling the rise of flowers.
Splashing out the greens.
Blowing away the browns.

Breath deep,
Throw the windows open.
Lighten the dress.
Restart the pumping heart.

Kick up heels,
Head into the breeze.
Splash in the rain.
Chase all the rainbows.


Poem #97

Alone but hung over.
Together in my heart.
Had to go.
Was it to sow?

Sights to see.
People to meet.
Miles to go.
Was it to sow?

Alcohol involved.
Music too loud.
Dollars to blow.
Was it to sow?

Close to home.
You have doubts.
But I know.
Was it to sow?

It’s not a search.
I’ve found my place.
No baggage in tow.
And that is so.


The shape of your body,
The color of your eyes,
Memories keep me going,
While time slowly flies.

Away on a story,
Out seeking some fun,
Staying up quite late,
Laying out in the sun.

But better it will be,
When our schedules finally meet,
Together, not memories
Generating some heat.


I wish someone could give you an ear to hear your story.
I wish someone could give you an eye to behold your beauty.
I wish someone could give you some lips to match your smile.
I wish someone could give you some arms to hold you tight.
I wish someone could give you a back to share your load.
I wish someone could give you some legs to walk beside you.
I wish someone could give you a heart to show you how precious you are.
I wish someone could give you the words to a love song.
I wish it could be me.




Title: Counting Time
Anxiety increases when
Nearing the time recorded.
Together will join us again,
Impatience will be aborted.

Counting the time remaining
Indicates we importantly wait.
Pressure adds to the straining,
Advancing upon the date.

Two cannot be kept apart
In the face of such agreement.
Oneness has already had its start,
Nodding in its achievement.


I hear voices. Sometimes I record them. Enjoy.

Good Morning GF,
There was too much talking going on for me to sleep.
It went something like this:

Heart: Did you read that poem? I need a hug.
Head: Yes, pretty amazing. You can't have one.
Heart: What? You did read that poem didn't you? She was screaming out she needs a hug also.
Head: I read it. I understand how you feel. It would be impractical, sorry.
Heart: What? Don't you get what that poem was saying? I need a hug.
Head: Look, I read it. I get it, but it's not happening. We can't drive and she is busy.
Heart: Busy? What is more important than a hug? Tell her to come over.
Head: No. You know it is an hour drive, each way. It's late, it's dark. Please, just wait.
Heart: Wait? No, I need a hug. Ask her to come over.
Head: No. That would be pressuring her. You know she's been feeling pressured lately. She has a vacation coming up. Leave her alone. She'll hug you when she gets back.
Heart: Back? I can't wait that long. Beg her to come over.
Head: No. Enough. Go to sleep.
Heart: Sleep? Who can sleep? Can't we just cut the cast off and drive over?
Head: Oh, come on. What a stupid suggestion. Cut the cast off. That foot needs to heal properly. What if something happened to it. We'd be limping the rest of our lives.
Heart: Don't care. Let's go.
Head: We are not going anywhere except to bed. Go to sleep.
Heart: You awake? I need a hug.
Head: Will you keep it down, I'm trying to sleep.
Heart: You awake? I need a hug.
Head: Sleep, go to sleep.
Heart: You awake? I need a hug. Hear the frogs out there?
Head: Enough already. I'm awake. You happy?
Heart: Yes and no.



The energy runs through
The wires of my soul.
Rebuilding what’s broken,
Making it all whole.

Let the current’s flow
Help clean the past.
Giving clearer perspective
Of what has passed.

A new dawn awakens,
Thanks to this new source.
Life will be amazing
Following this new course.



For a friend.

Happy Birthday Helen
Thought it was 2 days hence.
Nothing like a ship sailing
To remove all the suspense.

Now being on the same page,
Everything caught up to speed.
It is obvious to all
A big celebration is in need.

It is your 60th.
One of those land mark dates.
Lots of mountains conquered,
Plenty of memories to relate.

But what is the right present
With no address for sending.
And not many nickels
Available for spending.

A piece of my heart,
My best wishes I send.
For having been my muse
And being a very good friend.