Happy Birthday #3

Happily my daughter had another birthday and I wrote her present:

The day you were born,
Saddled with uncertainty.
Choices to be made,
Cloaked with possibility.

You grew, learned,
With some stumbling.
You tried again
With some fumbling.

Did you need help?
It was often not clear.
Many times wishing
For the aid of a seer.

But your story was building.
It was easy to listen.
To the added adventures.
Of a spirit that's risen.

Continue the effort.
Play it out loud.
Always remember
You make us proud.



For a friend.

Happy Birthday Helen
Thought it was 2 days hence.
Nothing like a ship sailing
To remove all the suspense.

Now being on the same page,
Everything caught up to speed.
It is obvious to all
A big celebration is in need.

It is your 60th.
One of those land mark dates.
Lots of mountains conquered,
Plenty of memories to relate.

But what is the right present
With no address for sending.
And not many nickels
Available for spending.

A piece of my heart,
My best wishes I send.
For having been my muse
And being a very good friend.