philosophyon-line dating#11

Like a magnet, irony sticks to me.
The starting premise of this blog was that on-line dating mystified me (along with life) and I was going to start traveling and learning. So, just a little ahead of the times, I jettisoned most of my belongings (irony alert) and readied myself to AirBnB across the country.

And instead of that adventure, I broke my driving foot and found a girlfriend.

In my yearbook, I have now labeled 2018 as my Year of Therapy.
Yes, in my past, I had considered therapy as a sign of weakness.
That superior attitude certainly did not prevent my BM (Big Meltdown).
So, ironically, guess what my new found girlfriend does? Yes, she is a therapist.

One thing you can say about me is I’m honest and brave. And stupid.
Anything she asked me I tried to answer.
There were a lot of questions.
And a few tears.

When I started out our relationship I probably had the EQ of a snail. However, I was already writing poetry so let’s just call me an idiot savant. By the time we broke up at the end of the year (yes, on her birthday) I had raised my EQ a lot and you could now just call me an idiot.


So, I watched the film: Paterson
It is about poetry, with a strong nod to William Carlos Williams.
While I was watching the movie, I was mostly not liking it.
Then about 98.5% through, there was a terrific scene. No spoiler alerts here.
Upon contemplation, I ended up thinking the movie was very good.
And I believe there is a take-away philosophical line:

You are not what you created; you are what you will create.


philosophy on-line dating#1

In the “say what you mean and mean what you say” department.

I just got a “Like”. Who doesn’t like a little affirmation? It’s a start.
So I headed over to her profile and started reading. Pretty well written.
But there are details that seem problematic. So I wrote her:

You know what I don't get about people? 
Almost everything. 
If your profile is accurate then: 
I'm not tall enough, rich enough, too spiritual and not a Democrat. 
My god, how could you ever love me? Don

Any wonder I haven’t found my new life-partner yet?

She wrote back:

There is a good reason why you are single. If you can’t respect
a woman and one that knows what she wants, you don’t deserve to 
have that person. 
You have the qualities.��

There are probably several reasons I am single. I’m not thinking lack of respect is one. I’m thinking I don’t know the meaning of a “Like”.