I arrived in Charlotte late, with innumerable mosquito bites and a very loud knocking coming from the engine. I’m calm and collected.

Arranging an appointment, I drive my (loud) car this morning to the dealership.
The first thing he says is I’ll need a new engine. I tell him I hope not and head out to get breakfast. When I get back, I’m relieved to hear the engine is fine. There is an engine cover that is not. One that had been involved in some preventative maintenance I had done before heading out on this drive. I’m told it will be two days to get parts, these things usually don’t break.

As I wait to hear how many things have to be redone I just shake my head.
Life is complicated, however it is our choice on how annoyed to be.

I’m not doing much in Charlotte except visit. They are experiencing a heat wave and I find it miserable out there. Can’t wait for the snow to start.

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