that didn’t go so well.

I’ve begun my epic journey around the United States.
Airbnb is slated to have an important role.

I headed out of Portland determined to follow Lewis and Clark’s path to Missoula, MT. It wasn’t too hard. I didn’t have to get out of my car even once to portage across any rivers. But I did get out of my car to see where L&C stopped and did various activities. It reminds me that life isn’t all that difficult, even if I do scream at it occasionally.

Anyway, I had booked 3 nights at an Airbnb in Missoula. The schedule I kept with my brother was so wacked that I figured I had to rest up before I got too far into my trip. I try to pick my places with a couple of things in mind; cheapinexpensive and interesting. Upon arrival I was told I couldn’t park in the driveway. I could try to squeeze my car between two giant pine trees (nope) or park it on the street, in front of the mailbox. But the car had to be gone before the mailman arrived. When would that be? During the day. Which wasn’t a problem because, by house rules, I wasn’t supposed to be at the house between 10 and 5 on the weekdays. Which wasn’t supposed to be a problem because I intended to explore Missoula. But I hadn’t figured on the next day being a rain day. Which turns out to not be a problem because, at first, I couldn’t get to sleep. My bed was in the basement. Not a finished basement, just a cleverly draped off area. But also down in this basement was a sprinkler controller that was clicking away. Gee, no one else had ever been bothered by it. Had I tried ear plugs? Yes, didn’t work. Fortunately my hostess was still up (as was I) and after some negotiation that was far too tense she went downstairs and unplugged the beast.

Now it was dark and quiet. Sort of. Creaks from people walking upstairs. Plumbing doing its thing. Water heater firing up. And there was the other aspect of this (and most) basements. It smelled musty. My sinuses were complaining.

In the morning, I left. I didn’t need to explore Missoula in the rain. I didn’t need to wonder what that basement was doing to me. Let’s chalk this one up to experience and move on.

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