House of Irony#2

Cool house, no girl.
Two year lease, no driveabout.
Is that all, you ask?
Some mid winter skunks fired a warning shot. Tolerable.
But then, mid April and Irony reared its head.
Something and a skunk tangled under the house.
It couldn’t have been worse even if you tossed in a dead cat.
My friends told me to quit coming around because my clothes stank.
I left for 3 weeks hoping my landlord could do something about it.
He had a lot of work done to seal off any entrances. I was told that it was pretty bad underneath but no dead bodies.

I came back and it still smelled pretty bad. The landlord assured me enzymes would finish off the reek any time now. I opened all the windows and doors and started fans up. Did I mention it continued to get down to the 30’s though May?
I had to turn the heating off and dress warmly, very warmly. I did catch a break. There was no rain or snow for the week I hauled everything out onto the decks. I had to wash everything. Not quite the right time for spring cleaning.

My older brother, who is always right, told me to leave.
I didn’t.

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