philosophyon-line dating#9

There are some stories to tell.

My first serious relationship generated by on-line dating ended in December.  Let me get the awkward, self pity out of the way; I wrote:

I forgot that I didn't know.
I found love and made love.
I have the poems, photos and memories.
I know you wouldn't tell someone who speaks with a stutter
  to just start speaking clearly.
But I love with a stutter.  I'm ashamed of it; I'm embarrassed.
I don't know where it came from, why it was visited upon me.
I'm ashamed I hadn't fixed it, that I thought I was ready for coupling.
That was my ego.
For having made that mistake, I ruined your year.
I'm sorry.

Ok, self flagellation is good, but back to the serious business of life.
Yes, I will throw myself back into the on-line dating rodeo.
Maybe tomorrow.
After I tell a few more stories.

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