philosophyon-line dating#8

Being that I don’t look into the future very hard, I didn’t see this coming. But it is here. I am seriously dating another matchhead (light me on fire). Of course I am writing to her, for example #7 was with her. However, this is real time now. I started this blog because I was being asked to share my creations. Fine. But I have no desire to have a reality show. So, I am going to drop the “on-line dating” from my by line and just share my artistry.

Just after I tell you the story of our first meeting.
I dropped her a note in early November, it contained my latest poem. I did this because her profile was outstanding and did include some poetry. I got no response. Then being the guy (persistent, annoying, …) that I am, I dropped another note to her in early February. She replied! Our correspondence started slowly, but grew more interesting. I rarely survive a first date, so given I was really enjoying the writing, it was awhile before we arranged to actually meet. It was set for Thursday. Then I went down to Salt Lake City and broke my foot. Thursday was off. I was a sad puppy (remember, surgery, cast, no driving), which must have gotten through because, against all safety protocols, she agreed to come over to where I was recovering.

So, the day arrived. The hour was near. I went out the front walkway on my crutches. Then my OCD kicked in. Although the snow was gone it had left behind some gravel on the walkway. Wanting to make the best impression I decided that gravel had to go. I tried to kick it away; with one foot; on crutches. It didn’t go so well. I lost my balance. However, being the highly trained, black-sash, kung-fu guy that I am I managed to crash land in the grass beside the walkway. The sun was shining, I was in shorts as that’s all I could get over the cast. I figured I could lay there and get a tan. I could also contemplate my left wrist, was it just tweaked or was it broken? Now was a good time to practice the meditation I was having so much time to improve. And then I hear “Are you all right?”, a new voice with some amount of concern in it. I hadn’t even heard her car pull up, not twenty feet away. Imagine what she was thinking on this first date. Oh look, there’s a guy with a cast on one leg sprawled out asleep (no, I was meditating) on the grass. One crutch underneath, the other over there and his phone on the other side. What could go wrong here?

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