A house gift for friends that put up with me from time to time:

Title: Friendship House
Thank you friend for coming by.
We will never ask you why.
Please don’t even try to hide.
Our door is always open wide.

Think you get the better deal?
Nope, not even how we feel.
We feel quite the best
Providing you a place of rest.

So come, please, let’s celebrate.
As we set out another plate.
Always time we like to spend.
This house is open to you, our friend.

I understand that giving unsolicited advice is not chic. However, what do you do when you have advice for someone and you know it is for their good? I wrote:

How can I tell you a story you don't want to hear?
Or maybe you just aren't properly prepared.
What good would it have done to invent a parachute
Before the plane; before the ability to soar.

It is frustrating to believe in an answer to a
Problem you aren't perceiving.
Do I talk louder or longer?
Do I become your parents?

No, No, No.  No good.
Replacing one problem with another is not progress.
Besides, I could be wrong.  I'm not, but I could be.
And it would be a hollow victory to win the battle
And lose the war.

So, carry on.  I know your life is good.
I know it can be better.
I won't intrude.  I'll be a perfect gentleman.
I'll be tortured.

O, come on, ask.  Please, ask.

I’ll end with some reflection I had one morning while laying in bed.

I feel death is imminent
even though no doctor agrees.
Certainly, you know, no one avoids this fate.
Am I being warned to get my affairs in order?
Am I being warned that my life is headed in the wrong direction?
Am I already dead?
Certainly, I do not understand the world anymore.
And the world is not demanding anything of me.
Or I've gone deaf and blind.
Is this when you are supposed to just let go?
Is this when you are supposed to latch on and get fanatical?
It is cloudy outside.
But it is winter.
Spring will be here soon.
Will I?


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