philosophyon-line dating#6

Here is a good story:
When I switched over to from the first site I was on, I quickly ran across a familiar face. So I wrote her:

So, I started this on-line dating thing
About a year ago.  Different site.  Now I'm here.
One of the first pictures to grab me,
You know the kind, it just fits.
Green head band, boating, indeterminate location.
Beautiful sky, messy hair, but stunning smile.
Not forced, not staged, content.
I said to myself, wow, this on-line dating thing rocks.
You never replied.

And guess what, did she reply this time?
Actually, yes.
The picture I was referring to was still being used, but not as her main profile picture. She said I reminded her that it was her favorite also and so she switched it to be her main picture.

Then she told me that, although Scorpios can make great lovers, they don’t make great mates. And went away.

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