philosophyon-line dating#3

Been at this on-line dating scene for some time, can’t say that I understand it any better.

For example, why would someone join this site, agree to a meet and then never show up or offer an excuse later?

As I see it there are three major aspects to on-line dating once you are up and running; writing, phoning, meeting. It has to be obvious the most important is meeting. But do you try to set up a meet soonest, without some mutual interest already being set. Some people are better/worse at writing. Same with talking/texting.

But imagine this common scenario:
Two people see each other’s profiles and pictures, drop a line saying let’s meet Tuesday and then do.  Where is the spontaneity, the mysterious, the magic? You know you are walking into that coffee shop with a person waiting, waiting for an interview.

Instead, imagine this.
She is walking through the botanical gardens and spots the man taking pictures. He has obviously had some miles put on the tires but still looks good, somewhat weather worn and geeky. She drifts down to see what flowers have caught his attention. Bumping into him slightly she apologizes. He looks up with a smile and says hello. Then his brow wrinkles. She lightly places her hand on his arm and asks him if everything is ok. He looks at her and says how he knew something had been wrong with the flowers, but hadn’t been able to place it. He tells her he thought something had been missing and now, looking into her eyes, he knows what.

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