So, it is over with Ell. Time to get back to work.
Like a kid with a new toy, I am now a “poet”. Which means I have to be a poet.
Over the next few weeks I insert poems into initial greetings. I’ll share a few below, but basically I want to say they had no effect, which is not to say they didn’t have a bad effect. No response from any of these. I don’t do this anymore.  You’ll be shaking your head, but all of these were written within some context of their profile.  I had to show how clever I could be.

Is your intuition still on high?
For you, I am just not the right guy.
Or are you holding back on the start?
Of what could be a path to your heart.
Didn't your Mother say,
Dark alleys and gutters, you should not stay.
Wasn't she very clear,
Fun at first, but what came of too much beer?
Oh, hello again.
It is nice to see
My young friend from the
State of Hawaii.

Most people are jealous
Of what you do not miss.
Searching, searching all over
Where is the state of bliss?
A cricket is an odd creature
To think that it is a feature.
Small and hard and black and shiney
Folks want to render it slimey.
Then there is the music to hear.
Quite the enjoyment to be near.
They are an interesting class.
Specially if you are a bass.


2 thoughts on “History#9”

  1. Hmm. I think you might have been trying too hard. Happy you no longer poet from the get-go as that would be a nice surprise to discover in the getting to know you phase. My two cents…which is worth two cents.


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