History #1

I signed up for on-line dating on 7/16/16.
Since then there has been one woman who would have married me and one woman I would have married. They aren’t the same woman.

Measured against my goal of finding my next and last life-partner, I’m not doing so well. However, life can throw out some surprises.
On 9/25/16 I wrote:

Let the winds of negativity blow on by.
Press on under the great blue sky.
Buoyed up by the adventure ahead.
Past the rocky shores we sped.

Whoa, a poem. I don’t think I had done one of those since that high school assignment we were all forced to do.  Now, there are several things about this poem that are humorous (to me).  First, I don’t think it is very good.  Second, I wrote it for Helen, who does not remember that I did write it.  Helen is the woman I would marry and will be a recurring character in this blog (at least in the history sections).  The poem is an attempt to smooth down those stories of the past that on-line daters often do during “the interview”.

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