On 5/2/2017 I wrote:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
But no flower
Outshines you
Veiled, unveiled
Idle, then promising
Hurry, hurry before it slips away.
I am to be tortured, if that is my lot,
Then bring it on.

For fear is not the greatest threat,
But the stopping of your breath.
I’m hot
I’m on fire
My blood is burning with desire.

My mortal existence is in danger of exploding.
How can it be contained?

Sleep, sleep but what
Awaits me in my dreams?
Alas, is that just the murmur of the wind?
Or the jest of the cruel fates?
I look, but where?
To bring such joy, how can I sleep:
But if I don’t, how will I be strong enough to find you?

And there lies the answer, for sure, I must be dreaming.
Sleep typing, yes?
There would be no superman if there wasn’t someone worth saving.
But you are not needing saving.
Any more than I do.

Are you a damsel or superwoman?
Please, say no more.  Your fingers are driving me crazy.

So, the new woman, let’s call her “Ell”, is finding my budding writing entertaining and encouraging me to experiment. She is an elementary/special ed teacher which explains her interest in me. I am trying out my new wings. (Oh, btw, I do find some of this embarrassing as I look back on it, but I owe it to my audience to be brave.)


And then on 4/30/17 I wrote this:

Rain arrived last night, 
but it can't dampen the day with you shining in it. 

Light reflects from you shining in it. 
Light for sight, illumination, understanding. 
Light for warmth, safety, nurturing. 

Rain arrived last night, 
but an umbrella is not needed with you shining in it.

Yes, I know, 7 months after the first.
New lady, new inspiration.

History #1

I signed up for on-line dating on 7/16/16.
Since then there has been one woman who would have married me and one woman I would have married. They aren’t the same woman.

Measured against my goal of finding my next and last life-partner, I’m not doing so well. However, life can throw out some surprises.
On 9/25/16 I wrote:

Let the winds of negativity blow on by.
Press on under the great blue sky.
Buoyed up by the adventure ahead.
Past the rocky shores we sped.

Whoa, a poem. I don’t think I had done one of those since that high school assignment we were all forced to do.  Now, there are several things about this poem that are humorous (to me).  First, I don’t think it is very good.  Second, I wrote it for Helen, who does not remember that I did write it.  Helen is the woman I would marry and will be a recurring character in this blog (at least in the history sections).  The poem is an attempt to smooth down those stories of the past that on-line daters often do during “the interview”.